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What is the Appointed Representative Regime?

In this series of articles, MEMA will break down what is the Appointed Representative Regime and what steps your organsiation will need to take.


The Appointed Representative (AR) regime was first introduced through primary legislation in 1986. The regime was created primarily to allow self-employed representatives to engage in regulated activities without having to be authorised. In particular, insurers and other product providers used it to distribute products through ARs.

Since the regime has evolved to include a wider range of models such as regulatory hosting and networks. Principals and their ARs also offer a wider set of products and services across many different sectors (for example, from retail and general insurance to asset and investment management).

The FCA has estimated that there are around 40,000 ARs, including IARs, operating under around 3,600 principals in a wide range of financial services markets.

What is an Appointed Representative?