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What are the FCA financial promotions and what internal controls should you set up

A financial promotion is any advertisement, communication, or other material that promotes a financial product or service. Financial promotions can take many forms, including print and online advertisements, marketing emails, social media posts, and sales presentations.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom that is responsible for regulating the conduct of financial firms. The FCA has published rules and guidance on financial promotions, which outline the requirements that firms must follow when creating and distributing these materials.

There are a number of requirements that you will need to follow to ensure you meet financial promotions, these include:

  • Ensuring that the financial promotion is clear, fair, and not misleading: Financial promotions must be presented in a way that is clear, fair, and not misleading to consumers. This means that they should not omit important information or use language or imagery that could be confusing or misleading

  • Providing accurate and balanced information: Financial promotions must provide accurate and balanced information about the financial product or service being offered. This includes information about the potential risks and benefits, as well as any fees or charges that apply

  • Identifying the firm and the product or service: Financial promotions must clearly identify the firm that is offering the product or service, as well as the specific product or service being promoted. This helps consumers to understand who they are dealing with and what they are being offered